import "fyne.io/fyne/v2"


type ShortcutHandler

type ShortcutHandler struct {

ShortcutHandler is a default implementation of the shortcut handler for the canvasObject

func (*ShortcutHandler) AddShortcut

func (sh *ShortcutHandler) AddShortcut(shortcut Shortcut, handler func(shortcut Shortcut))

AddShortcut register a handler to be executed when the shortcut action is triggered

func (*ShortcutHandler) RemoveShortcut

func (sh *ShortcutHandler) RemoveShortcut(shortcut Shortcut)

RemoveShortcut removes a registered shortcut

func (*ShortcutHandler) TypedShortcut

func (sh *ShortcutHandler) TypedShortcut(shortcut Shortcut)

TypedShortcut handle the registered shortcut