import ""

Package desktop provides desktop specific driver functionality.


const (
	// KeyNone represents no key
	KeyNone fyne.KeyName = ""
	// KeyShiftLeft represents the left shift key
	KeyShiftLeft fyne.KeyName = "LeftShift"
	// KeyShiftRight represents the right shift key
	KeyShiftRight fyne.KeyName = "RightShift"
	// KeyControlLeft represents the left control key
	KeyControlLeft fyne.KeyName = "LeftControl"
	// KeyControlRight represents the right control key
	KeyControlRight fyne.KeyName = "RightControl"
	// KeyAltLeft represents the left alt key
	KeyAltLeft fyne.KeyName = "LeftAlt"
	// KeyAltRight represents the right alt key
	KeyAltRight fyne.KeyName = "RightAlt"
	// KeySuperLeft represents the left "Windows" key (or "Command" key on macOS)
	KeySuperLeft fyne.KeyName = "LeftSuper"
	// KeySuperRight represents the right "Windows" key (or "Command" key on macOS)
	KeySuperRight fyne.KeyName = "RightSuper"
	// KeyMenu represents the left or right menu / application key
	KeyMenu fyne.KeyName = "Menu"
	// KeyPrintScreen represents the key used to cause a screen capture
	KeyPrintScreen fyne.KeyName = "PrintScreen"

	// KeyCapsLock represents the caps lock key, tapping once is the down event then again is the up
	KeyCapsLock fyne.KeyName = "CapsLock"
const (
	// ShiftModifier represents a shift key being held
	// Deprecated: Use fyne.KeyModifierShift instead.
	ShiftModifier = fyne.KeyModifierShift
	// ControlModifier represents the ctrl key being held
	// Deprecated: Use fyne.KeyModifierControl instead.
	ControlModifier = fyne.KeyModifierControl
	// AltModifier represents either alt keys being held
	// Deprecated: Use fyne.KeyModifierAlt instead.
	AltModifier = fyne.KeyModifierAlt
	// SuperModifier represents either super keys being held
	// Deprecated: Use fyne.KeyModifierSuper instead.
	SuperModifier = fyne.KeyModifierSuper