import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/widget"


type ToolbarAction

type ToolbarAction struct {
	Icon        fyne.Resource
	OnActivated func() `json:"-"`

ToolbarAction is push button style of ToolbarItem

func NewToolbarAction

func NewToolbarAction(icon fyne.Resource, onActivated func()) *ToolbarAction

NewToolbarAction returns a new push button style ToolbarItem

func (*ToolbarAction) SetIcon

func (t *ToolbarAction) SetIcon(icon fyne.Resource)

SetIcon updates the icon on a ToolbarItem

Since: 2.2

func (*ToolbarAction) ToolbarObject

func (t *ToolbarAction) ToolbarObject() fyne.CanvasObject

ToolbarObject gets a button to render this ToolbarAction