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import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/widget"


type SeparatorSegment

type SeparatorSegment struct {

SeparatorSegment includes a horizontal separator in a rich text widget.

Since: 2.1

func (*SeparatorSegment) Inline

func (s *SeparatorSegment) Inline() bool

Inline returns false as a separator should be full width.

func (*SeparatorSegment) Select

func (s *SeparatorSegment) Select(_, _ fyne.Position)

Select does nothing for a separator.

func (*SeparatorSegment) SelectedText

func (s *SeparatorSegment) SelectedText() string

SelectedText returns the empty string for this separator.

func (*SeparatorSegment) Textual

func (s *SeparatorSegment) Textual() string

Textual returns no content for a separator element.

func (*SeparatorSegment) Unselect

func (s *SeparatorSegment) Unselect()

Unselect does nothing for a separator.

func (*SeparatorSegment) Update

func (s *SeparatorSegment) Update(fyne.CanvasObject)

Update doesnt need to change a separator visual.

func (*SeparatorSegment) Visual

func (s *SeparatorSegment) Visual() fyne.CanvasObject

Visual returns the separator element for this segment.