import ""


type ThemedResource

type ThemedResource struct {

	// ColorName specifies which theme colour should be used to theme the resource
	// Since: 2.3
	ColorName fyne.ThemeColorName

ThemedResource is a resource wrapper that will return a version of the resource with the main color changed for the currently selected theme.

func NewThemedResource

func NewThemedResource(src fyne.Resource) *ThemedResource

NewThemedResource creates a resource that adapts to the current theme setting.

func (*ThemedResource) Content

func (res *ThemedResource) Content() []byte

Content returns the underlying content of the resource adapted to the current text color.

func (*ThemedResource) Error

func (res *ThemedResource) Error() *ErrorThemedResource

Error returns a different resource for indicating an error.

func (*ThemedResource) Name

func (res *ThemedResource) Name() string

Name returns the underlying resource name (used for caching).