import ""

Package layout defines the various layouts available to Fyne apps.


func NewAdaptiveGridLayout

func NewAdaptiveGridLayout(rowcols int) fyne.Layout

NewAdaptiveGridLayout returns a new grid layout which uses columns when horizontal but rows when vertical.

func NewBorderLayout

func NewBorderLayout(top, bottom, left, right fyne.CanvasObject) fyne.Layout

NewBorderLayout creates a new BorderLayout instance with top, bottom, left and right objects set. All other items in the container will fill the centre space

func NewCenterLayout

func NewCenterLayout() fyne.Layout

NewCenterLayout creates a new CenterLayout instance

func NewFormLayout

func NewFormLayout() fyne.Layout

NewFormLayout returns a new FormLayout instance

func NewGridLayout

func NewGridLayout(cols int) fyne.Layout

NewGridLayout returns a grid layout arranged in a specified number of columns. The number of rows will depend on how many children are in the container that uses this layout.

func NewGridLayoutWithColumns

func NewGridLayoutWithColumns(cols int) fyne.Layout

NewGridLayoutWithColumns returns a new grid layout that specifies a column count and wrap to new rows when needed.

func NewGridLayoutWithRows

func NewGridLayoutWithRows(rows int) fyne.Layout

NewGridLayoutWithRows returns a new grid layout that specifies a row count that creates new rows as required.

func NewGridWrapLayout

func NewGridWrapLayout(size fyne.Size) fyne.Layout

NewGridWrapLayout returns a new GridWrapLayout instance

func NewHBoxLayout

func NewHBoxLayout() fyne.Layout

NewHBoxLayout returns a horizontal box layout for stacking a number of child canvas objects or widgets left to right.

func NewMaxLayout

func NewMaxLayout() fyne.Layout

NewMaxLayout creates a new MaxLayout instance

func NewPaddedLayout

func NewPaddedLayout() fyne.Layout

NewPaddedLayout creates a new PaddedLayout instance

Since: 1.4

func NewSpacer

func NewSpacer() fyne.CanvasObject

NewSpacer returns a spacer object which can fill vertical and horizontal space. This is primarily used with a box layout.

func NewVBoxLayout

func NewVBoxLayout() fyne.Layout

NewVBoxLayout returns a vertical box layout for stacking a number of child canvas objects or widgets top to bottom.