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import "fyne.io/fyne"


type Canvas

type Canvas interface {
	Content() CanvasObject


	// Focus makes the provided item focused.
	// The item has to be added to the contents of the canvas before calling this.
	Focused() Focusable

	// Size returns the current size of this canvas
	Size() Size
	// Scale returns the current scale (multiplication factor) this canvas uses to render
	// The pixel size of a CanvasObject can be found by multiplying by this value.
	Scale() float32
	// SetScale sets ths scale for this canvas only, overriding system and user settings.
	// Deprecated: Settings are now calculated solely on the user configuration and system setup.

	// Overlay returns the current overlay.
	// Deprecated: Overlays are stacked now.
	// This method returns the top of the overlay stack.
	// Use Overlays() instead.
	Overlay() CanvasObject
	// Overlays returns the overlay stack.
	Overlays() OverlayStack
	// SetOverlay sets the overlay for the canvas.
	// Deprecated: Overlays are stacked now.
	// This method replaces the whole stack by the given overlay.
	// Use Overlays() instead.

	OnTypedRune() func(rune)
	OnTypedKey() func(*KeyEvent)
	AddShortcut(shortcut Shortcut, handler func(shortcut Shortcut))
	RemoveShortcut(shortcut Shortcut)

	Capture() image.Image

	// PixelCoordinateForPosition returns the x and y pixel coordinate for a given position on this canvas.
	// This can be used to find absolute pixel positions or pixel offsets relative to an object top left.
	PixelCoordinateForPosition(Position) (int, int)

	// InteractiveArea returns the position and size of the central interactive area.
	// Operating system elements may overlap the portions outside this area and widgets should avoid being outside.
	// Since: 1.4
	InteractiveArea() (Position, Size)

Canvas defines a graphical canvas to which a CanvasObject or Container can be added. Each canvas has a scale which is automatically applied during the render process.