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import "fyne.io/fyne/widget"


type TabContainer

type TabContainer struct {

	Items     []*TabItem
	OnChanged func(tab *TabItem)

TabContainer widget allows switching visible content from a list of TabItems. Each item is represented by a button at the top of the widget.

func NewTabContainer

func NewTabContainer(items ...*TabItem) *TabContainer

NewTabContainer creates a new tab bar widget that allows the user to choose between different visible containers

func (*TabContainer) Append

func (c *TabContainer) Append(item *TabItem)

Append adds a new TabItem to the rightmost side of the tab panel

func (*TabContainer) CreateRenderer

func (c *TabContainer) CreateRenderer() fyne.WidgetRenderer

CreateRenderer is a private method to Fyne which links this widget to its renderer

func (*TabContainer) CurrentTab

func (c *TabContainer) CurrentTab() *TabItem

CurrentTab returns the currently selected TabItem.

func (*TabContainer) CurrentTabIndex

func (c *TabContainer) CurrentTabIndex() int

CurrentTabIndex returns the index of the currently selected TabItem.

func (*TabContainer) MinSize

func (c *TabContainer) MinSize() fyne.Size

MinSize returns the size that this widget should not shrink below

func (*TabContainer) Remove

func (c *TabContainer) Remove(item *TabItem)

Remove tab by value

func (*TabContainer) RemoveIndex

func (c *TabContainer) RemoveIndex(index int)

RemoveIndex removes tab by index

func (*TabContainer) SelectTab

func (c *TabContainer) SelectTab(item *TabItem)

SelectTab sets the specified TabItem to be selected and its content visible.

func (*TabContainer) SelectTabIndex

func (c *TabContainer) SelectTabIndex(index int)

SelectTabIndex sets the TabItem at the specific index to be selected and its content visible.

func (*TabContainer) SetItems

func (c *TabContainer) SetItems(items []*TabItem)

SetItems sets the container’s items and refreshes.

func (*TabContainer) SetTabLocation

func (c *TabContainer) SetTabLocation(l TabLocation)

SetTabLocation sets the location of the tab bar

func (*TabContainer) Show

func (c *TabContainer) Show()

Show this widget, if it was previously hidden