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import "fyne.io/fyne/widget"


type Select

type Select struct {

	Selected    string
	Options     []string
	PlaceHolder string
	OnChanged   func(string) `json:"-"`

Select widget has a list of options, with the current one shown, and triggers an event func when clicked

func NewSelect

func NewSelect(options []string, changed func(string)) *Select

NewSelect creates a new select widget with the set list of options and changes handler

func (*Select) ClearSelected

func (s *Select) ClearSelected()

ClearSelected clears the current option of the select widget. After clearing the current option, the Select widget’s PlaceHolder will be displayed.

func (*Select) CreateRenderer

func (s *Select) CreateRenderer() fyne.WidgetRenderer

CreateRenderer is a private method to Fyne which links this widget to its renderer

func (*Select) Hide

func (s *Select) Hide()

Hide hides the select.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Select) MinSize

func (s *Select) MinSize() fyne.Size

MinSize returns the size that this widget should not shrink below

func (*Select) MouseIn

func (s *Select) MouseIn(*desktop.MouseEvent)

MouseIn is called when a desktop pointer enters the widget

func (*Select) MouseMoved

func (s *Select) MouseMoved(*desktop.MouseEvent)

MouseMoved is called when a desktop pointer hovers over the widget

func (*Select) MouseOut

func (s *Select) MouseOut()

MouseOut is called when a desktop pointer exits the widget

func (*Select) Move

func (s *Select) Move(pos fyne.Position)

Move changes the relative position of the select.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Select) Resize

func (s *Select) Resize(size fyne.Size)

Resize sets a new size for a widget. Note this should not be used if the widget is being managed by a Layout within a Container.

func (*Select) SetSelected

func (s *Select) SetSelected(text string)

SetSelected sets the current option of the select widget

func (*Select) Tapped

func (s *Select) Tapped(*fyne.PointEvent)

Tapped is called when a pointer tapped event is captured and triggers any tap handler