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import "fyne.io/fyne/widget"


type Menu

type Menu struct {
	Items     []fyne.CanvasObject
	OnDismiss func()

Menu is a widget for displaying a fyne.Menu.

func NewMenu

func NewMenu(menu *fyne.Menu) *Menu

NewMenu creates a new Menu.

func (*Menu) CreateRenderer

func (m *Menu) CreateRenderer() fyne.WidgetRenderer

CreateRenderer returns a new renderer for the menu.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Menu) DeactivateChild

func (m *Menu) DeactivateChild()

DeactivateChild deactivates the active child menu.

func (*Menu) Dismiss

func (m *Menu) Dismiss()

Dismiss dismisses the menu by dismissing and hiding the active child and performing OnDismiss.

func (*Menu) Hide

func (m *Menu) Hide()

Hide hides the menu.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Menu) MinSize

func (m *Menu) MinSize() fyne.Size

MinSize returns the minimal size of the menu.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Menu) Move

func (m *Menu) Move(pos fyne.Position)

Move sets the position of the widget relative to its parent.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Menu) Refresh

func (m *Menu) Refresh()

Refresh triggers a redraw of the menu.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Menu) Resize

func (m *Menu) Resize(size fyne.Size)

Resize has no effect because menus are always displayed with their minimal size.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Menu) Show

func (m *Menu) Show()

Show makes the menu visible.

Implements: fyne.Widget

func (*Menu) Tapped

func (m *Menu) Tapped(*fyne.PointEvent)

Tapped catches taps on separators and the menu background. It doesn’t perform any action.

Implements: fyne.Tappable