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The 1.3 release is fully backward compatible with 1.2.4 and earlier, so upgrading is as simple as updating the version of code you compile with. This is different depending on whether or not you use go modules.


If your project has a go.mod file then you can edit the require line to use version v1.3.0, or you can execute the following command inside the directory:

go get fyne.io/fyne@v1.3.0

The next time you build or run your app it will be using the 1.3 release


If you are not using modules then you will need to update the Fyne checkout in your go source code. To do this execute the following command:

go get -u fyne.io/fyne

Any apps without a module file will now use the 1.3 release.


Although this release is backwards compatible so your code will compile and run as expected, there are some changes which you may notice.

  • Running Run() or ShowAndRun() in a goroutine is not supported and will now panic
  • Running on Linux applications are now 20% smaller, better matching other OS
  • Resizing windows now live-refreshes the content and animations will continue
  • FixedGridLayout has been renamed GridWrapLayout - the old APIs remain but deprecated
  • Some other APIs have been deprecated and will be removed in 2.0 later in 2020