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import "fyne.io/fyne/dialog"


type ProgressInfiniteDialog

type ProgressInfiniteDialog struct {

ProgressInfiniteDialog is a simple dialog window that displays text and a infinite progress bar.

func NewProgressInfinite

func NewProgressInfinite(title, message string, parent fyne.Window) *ProgressInfiniteDialog

NewProgressInfinite creates a infinite progress dialog and returns the handle. Using the returned type you should call Show().

func (*ProgressInfiniteDialog) Hide

func (d *ProgressInfiniteDialog) Hide()

Hide this dialog and stop the infinite progress goroutine

func (ProgressInfiniteDialog) Layout

func (d ProgressInfiniteDialog) Layout(obj []fyne.CanvasObject, size fyne.Size)

func (ProgressInfiniteDialog) MinSize

func (d ProgressInfiniteDialog) MinSize(obj []fyne.CanvasObject) fyne.Size

func (ProgressInfiniteDialog) SetDismissText

func (d ProgressInfiniteDialog) SetDismissText(label string)

SetDismissText allows custom text to be set in the confirmation button

func (ProgressInfiniteDialog) SetOnClosed

func (d ProgressInfiniteDialog) SetOnClosed(closed func())

SetOnClosed allows to set a callback function that is called when the dialog is closed

func (ProgressInfiniteDialog) Show

func (d ProgressInfiniteDialog) Show()